History and the registration of time, both on a personal as well as a universal level are my inspiration.

My paintings are created using the technique of wet felting, where wool fibers act as both my paint and my canvas. Each painting begins by laying tufts of dyed wool in directional layers. Recycled felt remnants, handspun yarn, raw fleece, and a variety of other inclusions are also layered to form my abstract compositions. Afterwards, soap and hot water are applied, as well as pressure and agitation. Finally, the wool fibers begin to shrink and compress together, evolving into a piece of felt. My practice is intuitive, the process of felting is ancient; and I rely on my humble materials to connect me to my work on the most visceral level.

Felting is unpredictable, and I never know exactly how the fibers will react with one another, and how this will affect my finished piece. My landscapes combine the blending of color and tactile forms that are caught in flux, sometimes buried and often times unearthed. Collectively, the viewer is transported to a unique sense of place and atmosphere.

The purpose of each felt painting is to experience a passage of time by delving into the relationships between what has happened in the past, with what is left remaining on the surface. Through an exploration of migrating color, stitched marks and preserved forms; a story unfolds.