Artist Statement

My mixed media abstract paintings revolve around the themes of memory and the registration of time. I am captivated by the things we forget and lose and that which we remember and keep. 

My work depicts the erosion of the natural world and the diaphanous nature of our recollections through atmospheric color, mark making and tactile forms that are caught in flux, sometimes buried, and frequently unearthed.

I believe that art is transformative, and rely on my innermost emotions to create a narrative of the human experience. Intuition is my guide and I approach each painting without any preconceptions. The composition evolves in layers, with every gesture, line and wash of color is informed by the one before it. The relationship between building and erasing imagery occurs simultaneously, and its elusiveness is the challenge.

My intention is to capture the beauty of a moment in time, where we can also learn from the past. It is through this exploration that a story unfolds.